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How To Build And Analyze Marketing Reports

At the end of the day, their managers know they need to be reviewing “something” to report to the boss. They aren’t the expert, so they will listen to you if you set a system of monthly report reviews, etc.

  • Now that we have gone over some weekly marketing report templates, let’s move to a shorter vision.
  • Use a template like this to visualize how your campaigns are going on various channels and how well you are engaging with users.
  • If you’ve made an agreement with your client to post a certain number of times throughout the month, this section helps you prove that you actually did.
  • But at the same time that they don’t diminish the visibility of the data presented.
  • If it makes sense for your team, you can get even more specific and break things down by format within a network, such as Stories vs. posts vs. Reels.

Using a special URL, you can determine which channels or campaigns are generating the most visitors, or which offers your leads are clicking on. As a marketer, working with data is key to tracking your performance and measuring success. It helps you maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, allocate budget, and optimize your return on investment. The first and most important step is to define your marketing objectives. This will set the basis for all the work that comes after as it will help you keep your analysis focused and structured. Naturally, your marketing goals should be linked to general company goals and work towards achieving them. A good practice in this regard is to set long and short-term goals and build your strategies around them.

What is Marketing Reporting?

It’s also a good strategy for driving conversions – but only if results are monitored and optimized. Make sure all the data in your report has comments and insight relevant to your client. You don’t want them to see just the numbers and get confused as to why or how it came to be. It also helps the relationship between the two of you, and demonstrate your value. If you want your clients to read and appreciate your marketing report, you need to show them what they care most about first. Not only that, but it’s way too much work to have to update and send your reports daily, and it’s nearly impossible to do so without an automated reporting tool. A marketing report ensures that you and your client are heading in the right direction.

  • Weekly reporting is great for your team, and you can see the current changes and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • That is why a monthly marketing report is so useful, providing a cross-disciplinary overview of several parameters at stake in a campaign, that you can analyze conjointly for more accuracy.
  • This data helps you see how your audience responds to your message.
  • EDIT THIS REPORT TEMPLATELearn more about using data to tell a story about your brand.
  • These reports show brands what else they can do to resonate with their audiences, or perhaps if their predetermined audience wasn’t correct in the first place.
  • If you aren’t sure what the core KPIs should be, you need to ask.

Do you want to share your content marketing plans and see if your efforts are paying off? Then, using this simple, clear and concise weekly report template is your best bet. This template features a rich blend of bright colors with strong visual contrast.

Web Analytics Report

This is useful to track on a weekly basis to see if any changes in traffic or leads will signal a more lengthy trend. Marketing isn’t a one-time, set-it-and-forget-it prospect, so having several templates on hand that can help your company track metrics in close to real-time is important. For most companies, social media is one of their most important ways to reach consumers. Social media reports can cover broad areas or specific campaign results — or they can do both.

How To Build And Analyze Marketing Reports

Going a bit deeper into this social media marketing report, we can see that each platform is divided into 7 metrics that are compared with a set target and a previous period. Research has shown that content shared How To Build And Analyze Marketing Reports on Facebook and Twitter live from 15 minutes to 6 hours – which makes it a good daily KPI to track. Over a day, you can determine how engaging your post was and how much traffic it brought to your website.

Include comments and notes to add your insights

In our internet age, digital marketing accounts for the lion’s share of the average company’s marketing spending. In fact, in 2021, one report found that digital marketing comprised 58 percent of marketing budgets — and it’s expected to grow by another 15 percent in 2022. If you don’t currently have a template that you’re using, then you don’t need to build it from scratch.

Team Collaboration Tools Market will worth around USD 44.4 billion by 2029 it will grow at a CAGR of 9% till 2029 : GreyViews – Yahoo Finance

Team Collaboration Tools Market will worth around USD 44.4 billion by 2029 it will grow at a CAGR of 9% till 2029 : GreyViews.

Posted: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 15:00:00 GMT [source]

If you want to know how much traffic your blog is attracting, you need certain sets of data to do the calculations. This is where tracking Blog Traffic Metrics comes in, you could bet measuring just traffic to your blog, and in that case, a blog post with 100,000 visits looks like a dream come true. But what if everyone who visited your post left within 15 seconds of the page loading? That is why more metrics need to be included for you to get more precise data.

Well, we’ve pulled together these five marketing reporting examples for you to use to get started. If your marketing report will be designed the same way each and every time you send it out, consider turning it into a template.

What are the components of marketing report?

Summary: Every marketing report covers a summary of total leads generated, number of impressions, website visits, and total conversions. The summary provides an overview of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improvements that needs to be incorporated to make marketing campaigns more effective.

There are hundreds of reports that you can run to dig into your marketing efforts. At this point, however, you’re likely asking, “Where should I start? ” and “What are those basic marketing reports I can run to get more comfortable with all the data I’ve been tracking? If you’re creating a marketing report for a mixed audience, it’s best to create separate reports for separate audiences. For example, you wouldn’t create the same report to give your CEO and Marketing co-workers; you’d likely break this into two reports with different data and verbiage. This will allow your audience to be able to focus on the data and analysis that’s most relevant to them. Introducing new products or services is something that should only be done with the benefit of sound knowledge and analysis of the market.

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